Xizi "Cecilia" Hua

滑惜子 | 影像工作者

Xizi “Cecilia” Hua is an artist working in photography, film, video and new media. Born into 90s China, Xizi moved between cities of a fast-developing China before moving again to the U.S. at the age of fifteen. Living between countries, cultures and realities, Xizi encounters the world with a camera with the privilege being both an insider and outsider. With celluloid film and digital videos, in screen-based work and video projections, Xizi questions the existing methods of image production while experimenting alternative ways to expose and un-expose. She explores the flow and migration of people in revisiting one’s individual and collective memories as well as changes when encountering new social and political realities.

Her works showcased at festivals such as 2018 Slamdance Film Festival, 2018 Seattle Asian American Film Festival, 2017 Central American International Film Festival and 2017 NY Indie Doc Fest. Her other video works were featured on NBC Asian America, Flaunt Magazine, and the Broad Museum #infiniteLA site.