(2019, work-in-progress)

super 16mm, black and white, digitized 16mm, optical sound, live projection.

This projection is about the unobtainable. The unobtainable history and the unobtainable longing for such romanticized will for fighting against the authoritarian power. It is an audiovisual expression as a response to both a past history as well as the future that hasn’t happened yet. There is fear. It is about not to re-enforce the suffered. Maybe it is also a result of the authoritarian power today that we are not allowed to directly talk about politics and realities people are facing. Perhaps the haunting feeling between the present and the unobtainable memory is the realist feeling to confront with. 

The flow of people, or in other words migration if by choice and exile if being forced, implies having fought for freedom. It is after all a fantasy.