Where Are You From (2017)

Captured in a non-fiction diary form, Where Are You From is an overdue expression and exploration of my feelings of inferiority as a “parachute kid” from China. The film explores the state of mind of China’s young generation abroad. In a world where western values dominate, coming to America at an impressionable age can make parachute kids feel ashamed of their identity, especially being a "mainland Chinese." Often times the "stuck-in-between" feeling became more acute because they are more and more accustomed to the American democratic values but also started to question many aspects of it, which makes them wonder what the unbiased views are on contemporary Chinese society and politics. Realizing their lack of understanding of their own country’s history and politics, they are put at odds in answering to the media’s critique of China and its people. This video raises questions of origin and identity to create discussion on what it means to be both a Chinese and an international citizen.

2018 Screening at Floating Projects Collective in Hong Kong, "Between Memory + Image: Videos by Seven Artists" with my friends Paul Lee, Zach McLane, Susan Lin, Kevin Tian, Yuchi Ma and Natalie A. Chao, curated by Zach McLane and Susan Lin with Floating Projects.

2018 Slamdance Film Festival, Documentary Shorts
2018 Seattle Asian American Film Festival
2018 Vidlings & Tapeheads Film Festival, awarded Honorable Mention
2017 1990 Institute, Youth Voices on China Video Contest, Jury Award, Best Showcase Video
2017 NY Indie Doc Fest
2017 Chicago Blow-up International Arthouse Film Fest


VCinema, Parachute Homes: Maineland & Where Are You From (Both USA, 2017), review by Matthew Leung.

TwoOhSix, Where Are You From - Short Film Review, review by Marc Morin.