(2019, work-in-progress)

digitized 16mm, black and white, overlay, projection.

We selfishly thought we could use our own eyes to understand the world,

Or to understand the world with the eyes of the others. 

We look from a different angle and tell others from different angles. 

However, at the same time, we forgot that the other side of the world doesn’t necessarily has the same exposure as we do. 

When we see the opposite, the negative, the shadow, 

We understand that what we cannot see through the white. 

Or what we are seeing because of the shadow. 

I use my camera to touch the world. 

I want to create image of naivety and purity. 

Images of loneliness and solitude. 

Being in-between with camera, (cannot reconcile the conflicts), impossible to “voice for all” 

Cannot be the messiah “saving the world” 

The video is a loop of double layers, two 100-ft 16mm film rolls. 

The camera approaches the world with celluloid. We see because physical light bouncing off the subjects and making chemical reactions with the film - existence. 

The first layer is the flow of super slow-motion, digitized, glitched, one frame per second and optical flow. 

The second layer behind is an over-exposed roll of film, sometimes we could see ghost images of hand-cranked images trying to get in your way. The normal (24fps) speed film runs in cycles - head - tail - tail - head - so that there is no end.

Corner projection: like the moon, shining up there. You look at it when you do. Turning away from the noisy and crowded world. 

I found this way liberating - standing up, standing higher, in the small corner I belong to and have it all.